"This is a whole new product around the future of your DNA. The future comes with a sense of wonder."

“It’s about archiving life and saving for the future but also the wonder of traveling into space and what could happen with this DNA in the future.”

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"Humans often fantasize about the best way to leave behind a legacy. Now, a new startup called LifeShip will send your DNA to the moon. Yes, it will even be preserved in artificial amber in true “Jurassic Park” fashion."

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"You can join an outward migration of life into the universe with LifeShip’s Moon Kit."

"The lunar lander carried thousands of books, DNA samples, and a few thousand water bears to the moon."
"DNA is the smallest payload you can imagine and yet the most important."

"An unforgettable gift that you will be reminded of every time you see the Moon."
"We’re still at least a decade away from commercial trips to the Moon’s orbit or even surface, but one startup company called LifeShip wants to give you a headstart, and it won’t break the bank."
"The start-up wants to archive a part of humans for hundreds of thousands of years and will do that by collecting saliva from people, extracting their DNA, and sending it to the Moon"
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