Space has been unaffordable and inaccessible. Only governments and billionaires could go—leaving so many childhood dreams unfulfilled.

Now there is a space mission for you. Welcome to LifeShip, we send your DNA to the Moon in the first off-world biobank.

You can be one of the few pioneers. Perhaps, you'll even live forever and travel the stars.

save your dna on the moon

Get your Moon Kit


Explore space

Ever dream of going to space? Now part of you can. Save your genes for the future and leave a forever legacy.

Gift eternity

Need a unique gift? They'll forever look up at the night sky and remember this experience.

Connect as a family

Want your family to always feel connected? Imagine seeing the Moon and knowing you are there together.

Rocket to space

You'll go on a rocket shared with NASA missions. Your launch is scheduled for 2021. Watch live and track your location in the sky. 


Lunar landing

Your real DNA gets preserved in a capsule that goes on the lander. Live stream as it touches down and know you are forever there.


What people are saying

I am a super big geek. I love space. I got one for me and my son. I am super excited to be part of this.


I feel like it's supposed to happen. That it's very important.


For my tribe. For my people. For my soul. This is who I am. Find me on the Moon in 10,000 years.


I never thought I'd get the opportunity to go to our closest celestial neighbor and because of LifeShip, I now get the chance!


This was a gift from my wife. She said that no matter where she is, when she sees the moon in the sky I will be with her.


Leave a legacy

Imagine a piece of you on the Moon. You'll go where few have gone. Secure your future and forever be with the stars.


Your space mission