Be part of humanity’s next great adventure

We believe humanity has a role to play in spreading life outwards to the stars. LifeShip is preserving a genetic blueprint of Earth in space.

You are invited to be one of the first humans to send their genetic code to the Moon. Add your DNA to the record of humankind.

Choose your mission

Your DNA

Send a piece of yourself to the Moon. You’ll preserve your genes and be a pioneer in humanity’s advancement into the cosmos.


Send DNA


Celebrate a remarkable animal in your life. Whenever you look up at the night sky, you’ll be together, no matter where you are.


Send Pet DNA


Honor a loved one’s life with an eternal memorial on the Moon. They’ll always be with you, and forever among the stars.


Send Ashes

Why send your DNA to the Moon?

Explore space

Realize your dreams of going to space. A part of you travels on a rocket in a genetic time capsule, making you one of the very first humans to preserve their DNA on another world.

Leave a legacy

Your life has an important genetic story to tell—include it in the record of humanity and open infinite possibilities for the future. You’ll make a mark on the Universe that will be remembered forever.

Feel eternally connected

Knowing that a piece of you is on the Moon will deepen your relationship with your loved ones — past, present, and future. It’s an enduring connection to the cosmos, and to yourself.

Why people love LifeShip

I am a super big geek. I love space. I got one for me and my son. I am super excited to be part of this.


I feel like it's supposed to happen. That it's very important.


For my tribe. For my people. For my soul. This is who I am. Find me on the Moon in 10,000 years.


I never thought I'd get the opportunity to go to our closest celestial neighbor and because of LifeShip, I now get the chance!


This was a gift from my wife. She said that no matter where she is, when she sees the moon in the sky I will be with her.


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Your role in a grand human endeavor

We believe that humanity has a purpose in the Universe to expand life outwards. We are stewards to preserve our planet’s incredible biodiversity and to spread Earth’s seeds to the stars. LifeShip’s first step is launching a lunar time capsule with the genetic blueprint of our planet saved for the far future.

Humankind is on the verge of adventuring beyond the cradle of Earth. The space community is making rapid progress toward outward expansion, and we welcome you to join us. When you send your DNA to space with LifeShip, your individual story and unique genetic code are eternally etched into the human record.

How to join the mission

1. Order a kit for yourself, give as a gift, or go together as a family. You can send your own DNA, a pet’s DNA, and/or a loved one’s ashes to the Moon.

2. Collect and return your DNA with a simple saliva sample. Your DNA gets preserved in synthetic amber, which goes in a genetic time capsule along with the DNA of diverse species and an archive of human knowledge.

3. Travel to space on a rocket accompanying actual NASA missions. You’ll receive updates as the mission progresses, as well as a VIP invite to a watch party for the launch.

4. Live stream the lunar landing. The lander containing the capsule and your DNA will stay on the surface forever. A personalized digital mission certificate marks your spot and commemorates your journey!

Join our epic odyssey to expand life to the stars. Include your genetic code in the record of humanity on the Moon.

It’s a first for humankind. And the opportunity of a lifetime for you. Board now to be on the next mission.