Welcome to LifeShip, where you can save your DNA on the moon. 

All life we know of is on a single planet. Our existence is fragile.

LifeShip is a hope-filled mission to save Earth's blueprint till the end of time and spread life to the stars.

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LifeShip Moon Kit


Fly me to the moon

The LifeShip rides on an ark made by our partners at Arch Mission Foundation. It's a backup of Earth. One flew to the moon on a SpaceX rocket in February 2019. Our next launch is planned for 2021.

How it works

Get your Moon Kit

Your kit comes with a saliva collector. Spit and mail back.

We extract your DNA

Your real DNA gets embedded in artificial amber along with other species.

Blast off

You fly on a rocket and lunar lander shared with NASA missions. Watch live.

Land on the moon

The lander stays on the moon. You get to forever look up in wonder.

Seeds of life

Humanity has the opportunity to save Earth's blueprint for the future. Your purchase helps us preserve other species. Our big mission is to spread life to the stars so life continues for eternity.


Connect with the cosmos

Forever look to the moon with a new sense of wonder. Preserve your fundamental essence and write your human story. Join a mission to expand life in the universe.

Board Now

Carry the Torch

Exploration is in your DNA. Your genes evolved over billions of years to the masterpiece that is now you. Your code is worth saving. Now you can go on a cosmic mission and live forever among the stars.



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