About Us

LifeShip's Mission

LifeShip is on a big mission to save life across time and space while connecting people to a hope-filled message about life and the cosmos. Our focus is to have an impact on humanity and the Earth—both today and for future descendants and civilizations. And we believe that means preserving Earth’s legacy by sending the code of life out into the universe. We aim for the stars and want to have a billion year impact for humanity, Earth, life, and the universe.

We love Space and the Earth!

LifeShip is a San Francisco-based, mission-driven space and genomics company. We are a remote-first team of space engineers, product designers, and creatives committed to doing good for Earth.

Meet our CEO, Ben Haldeman 

LifeShip was founded by Ben Haldeman who has spent his career looking for new life in space and using satellites to help life on Earth. 

Looking for life on Mars. Ben designed instruments to go on Mars rover missions to look for signs of life for his grad school thesis in Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley.

Looking for new planets. Ben then spent eight years building a global robotic optical telescope network to find new planets around other star systems with LCOGT.

Satellite networks to record Earth. Most recently, Ben was at Planet, an Earth imaging company, for five years. He designed and launched over 300 satellites. Ben bought payload space on rockets, oversaw new space missions, and designed and built the camera system used on the satellites.

But all that searching for life inspired Ben with a new idea—the desire to save Earth’s precious biodiversity for the future and to help life expand out into the universe.

The birth of LifeShip

Ben was on a solo journey in the Guatemalan rainforest when the vision for LifeShip came. He felt deeply connected to the incredible diversity of plants, fungi, and animals and was in a state of awe for our Earth. Ben was fascinated by how life cooperates to fill every niche of our planet. He saw Earth as an intelligent system in a new way and felt the connectedness of all life. Almost as if the forest spoke to him, it became clear that life wants to spread outwards and that it is part of humanity's purpose to help. And from there, the seed that would become LifeShip was planted.