About Us

LifeShip's Mission

LifeShip is on a mission to spread life in the universe and save Earth's blueprint for eternity.

It's a hopeful mission to inspire people by connecting them to life and the cosmos.

Our focus is to have an impact on humanity, the Earth, and the universe — both today and for the billion year future.

The LifeShip Team

LifeShip is a San Francisco-based, mission-driven space and genomics company. We are a remote-first team of space engineers, product designers, and creatives committed to doing good for Earth.

Our Partners

The Arch Mission Foundation is a non-profit organization that maintains a backup of planet Earth, designed to continuously preserve and disseminate humanity’s most important knowledge across time and space.

Beyond Earth is an international multidisciplinary art project and exhibition series that expands the possibility of art on Earth and beyond. 

Meet LifeShip's founder

Ben Haldeman founded LifeShip to protect Earth's biodiversity and help life expand outwards into the universe. 

Ben previously worked on over 300 space satellites, built dozens of big telescopes to find new exoplanets and worked on instruments to look for life on Mars.  

The birth of LifeShip

Ben was in the Guatemalan rainforest when the vision for LifeShip came. He went on a long solo hike and was in awe of the incredible biodiversity of plants, fungi, and animals. Ben was fascinated by the intelligence of our Earth as a system. Almost as if the forest spoke to him, it became clear that life wants to spread outwards. Earth wants to reproduce and send life outward. From there, the seed that would become LifeShip was planted.