About LifeShip

What We Believe

At LifeShip, we believe that humanity has an important part to play in continuing the cycle of life in the Universe and expanding life outwards from our planet.

We believe in preserving the genetic blueprint of Earth’s incredible biodiversity as it is today for future generations.

We believe in furthering the human story into the cosmos so that we leave a legacy and are never forgotten.

We believe that we can achieve this by taking small steps towards seeding life beyond Earth and extending humanity to the stars.

We believe in making space accessible to everyone. After all, exploration is in our DNA!

What We Offer

We want to send you to space! You are invited to add your DNA and personal story to the LifeShip capsule. Your DNA gets preserved in synthetic amber and launched on a rocket to the Moon. You get written into the forever record of humanity. Your legacy lives on beyond Earth.

This record comprises the DNA of fellow humans, as well as diverse plant and animal species, plus an archive of human knowledge. You can choose to travel with friends and family; celebrate your bond with a special pet; or honor a lost loved one. Whichever mission you choose, you’ll be in good company!

The LifeShip capsule includes collections from our incredible partners and collaborators. A seed bank provides a backup of important plants. A DNA biobank of biodiversity includes over 500 plants and animal species. Art curations are included from LunARC, Oceana Rain Stuart, and Beyond Earth. Cultural archives are provided by Arch Mission Foundation. A message to a future intelligence is provided by Interstellar Foundation. MoonDAO is including their decentralized community in the mission. This is an artifact of the future to engage humanity now and a messenger probe to pass on the story of humanity and blueprint of Earth.

How We Do It

Your dream of going to space, your legacy, and your connection to the cosmos and your loved ones are our inspiration.

LifeShip is a mission-driven space and genomics company founded in San Francisco, California. We use a state-of-the-art lab to preserve your DNA in synthetic amber, and then protect it in a genetic time capsule saved in space for endless possibilities in the far future.

We are a remote-first team of spacecraft architects, product designers, and creatives committed to bringing us closer to space while doing good for our Earth. In addition, our innovative partners in the field of space exploration support this vision for the future of our planet and humanity.

Partners On Board

The Arch Mission Foundation is a non-profit organization that maintains a backup of planet Earth, designed to preserve and disseminate humanity’s most important knowledge across time and space.

Beyond Earth is an international multidisciplinary art project and exhibition series that expands the possibility of art on Earth and beyond.

Astrobotic is a space robotics company that seeks to make space accessible to the world. The company’s line of lunar landers and rovers deliver payloads to the Moon.

Twist Bioscience Digital Data Storage in Synthetic DNA. Writing the future. Saving the past.

Firefly Aerospace provides access to space for small payloads through the design, manufacture and operation of reliable launch vehicles. Firefly operates the Blue Ghost lunar lander.

Space for Humanity is cultivating a movement to expand access to space for all of humanity.

Lunar Codex is a curated archive of contemporary culture, in time capsules launched to the Moon and beyond.

Ben Haldeman

LifeShip’s Captain

Advisors & Investors

Deborah Sass

Seasoned global media executive
(Space Hero global space competition)

Geordie Rose

Artificial intelligence visionary
(D-Wave; Sanctuary AI; and Kindred.ai)

James Cox

Serial entrepreneur and social impacter
(Method Seven)

Marco Larsen

Strategic communications leader

Michael Geer

Tech entrepreneur for health and longevity
(Humanity Inc.)

Nova Spivack

Pioneering inventor, futurist, and philanthropist
(Magical; Arch Mission Foundation)

LifeShip’s Crew

Our talented crew have joined forces to launch LifeShip.
Meet the people who are making your journey to the Moon possible!

VJ Bala

Role: Weaver of product and vision
Superpower: Sharing creativity through love

Andrew Reiland

Role: Designer of inspirational visuals
Superpower: Photographic memory

Chris Maraboli

Role: Connector on social media
Superpower: Talking to strangers

Shaziana Kaderali

Role: Manager of space mission logistics
Superpower: Bringing space to the people

Jared Angaza

Role: Strategist for brand soul
Superpower: Conscious, patient communication

Shaina Kandel

Role: Creator of brand experience and engagement
Superpower: Connecting all things back to space


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Why People Love LifeShip

I am a super big geek. I love space. I got one for me and my son. I am super excited to be part of this.


I want to be a part of humanity's greatest adventure.

Mike, Missouri

For my tribe. For my people. For my soul. This is who I am. Find me on the Moon in 10,000 years.


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