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Artificial Amber

We use advanced biochemistry to extract your DNA as a solid powder. You then get preserved in artificial amber—a polymer inspired by nature.

Space Capsule

Your DNA then goes in a capsule made by our partners at Arch Mission. Included is a biosphere biobank with DNA from many species and a knowledge archive including all of Wikipedia. It's a backup of Earth.

Rocket Launch

LifeShip plans yearly launches to the Moon. The first capsule is already full and scheduled for launch in late 2021. The next open launch is in 2023 but additional missions are planned to be added for 2022. You’ll watch live for blast off and landing.

Lunar Landing

You'll track your spacecraft as it slings into lunar orbit. You then descend to the Moon on a lander shared with NASA missions. You'll watch live as you touch down on the surface of the Moon. You then stay forever.

What will happen to my DNA in the future?

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