We're on the Moon and join us for an in person solar eclipse gathering

We're on the Moon and join us for an in person solar eclipse gathering

Greetings! It's been a supernova of activity here at LifeShip. Read on for exciting updates happening in your LifeShip community.

LifeShip is on the Moon! LifeShip is partners in the Lunar Library by Arch Mission Foundation that recently landed. It's our first content on the Moon, though no DNA was onboard.

Join a LifeShip Gathering at the Texas Eclipse festival! Get ready for a truly cosmic experience for our community's first in person gathering.

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LifeShip on the Moon

A chapter in humanity's story has been written on the lunar surface! LifeShip is a proud partner in Arch Mission Foundation's Lunar Library, the first human civilization archive on another world. Launched by a SpaceX rocket and landed by Intuitive Machines' Odysseus Moon lander, this library serves as a time capsule for future generations, containing a language primer, knowledge archives, details about our planet, and a rich cultural library capturing the essence of humanity, including art collections.

While our community's content and DNA was not on this mission, LifeShip is a partner in the collection and our logo is etched into nearly indestructible nickel NanoFiche within the Lunar Library. It's another small step in our community mission to preserve Earth and take humanity to the stars. 

Our next mission to the Moon, with our community and DNA onboard, is late 2024 on a Firefly Blue Ghost lunar lander.

Odysseus lander in orbit before landing (Credit: Intuitive Machines).

Odysseus lander on the lunar surface as seen by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

I'm fortunate to have worked on hundreds of satellites that have gone to space as an early engineer at Planet, a company recording our changing planet. Launcing the first satellite I worked on into orbit was a profound experience. My blood, sweat, and tears went into building it.

I founded LifeShip as a way for anybody to be part of humanity's future in space. We're a grassroots community space settlement movement with a first mission to backup Earth and save population banks to go on future interstellar voyages.

LifeShip has now sent content on 5 different rockets, each achieving new milestones in our collective voyage to the stars. Now, LifeShip, has our name and logo on the Moon's surface. We are progressing step by step towards the stars.

We're making tremendous progress on assembling our next capsule, with a DNA bank and our community's content, to launch to the lunar surface later this year.

Join our first LifeShip Gathering at Texas Eclipse

Witness a cosmic alignment you won't ever forget - the last total solar eclipse visible from North America for the next 20 years happens on April 8th. Do your best to get to the path of totality.

We are hosting our first LifeShip Gathering at the Texas Eclipse Festival.

Experience the awe-inspiring power of totality lasting over 4 minutes alongside 40,000 fellow humans in a vibrant festival atmosphere. The lineup of speakers and music is stellar. Ben and LifeShip will be featured on the Space Stage at a prime time shortly after the eclipse.

Join us for our first in-person LifeShip Gathering and celebrate humanity's potential under the cosmic dance of the sun and moon. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - don't miss it!

Details and tickets at www.seetexaseclipse.com
Use code "LifeShip" for 10% off.

Let us know if you'll be there!

This will be a monumental cosmic alignment in the Universe and an epic gathering for humanity. If a big family friendly festival is your vibe then join our first LifeShip Gathering at the Texas Eclipse Festival.
Onwards and Upwards
At LifeShip, we envision a future where humanity thrives as a multi-planetary and galactic species. We care about giving everyone the opportunity to be part of this inspiring future for humanity.

Ad Astra!


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