Olympic Medalists Get Free Ticket to the Moon

San Francisco, CA, Earth: LifeShip Inc. today announced they will be sending Olympic and Paralympic gold, silver, and bronze medalists’ DNA to the Moon for free. We celebrate our world’s best athletes who are pushing the limits of physical and psychological boundaries. 

LifeShip is the first space genomics company preserving a record of humankind and Earth’s biodiverse species on the Moon. 

LifeShip Founder and CEO, Ben Haldeman, said, “We want to make space accessible for everyone. Our next mission to the Moon is currently boarding and we can fit up to a million people in the capsule. Olympians represent the spectrum of our human experience––our dreams, determination, and resilience––and we are proud to bring them on board.”

All humans are invited to add their DNA to this record of life from Earth. LifeShip is a collective mission to preserve Earth’s genetic code and expand humanity to the stars.

Passenger’s DNA gets included in a capsule along with an archive of human knowledge and the stories of diverse humans. The capsule rides on Firefly Aerospace’s Blue Ghost lunar lander with rocket launch scheduled for 2023. It will touch down near Mare Crisium and remain on the Moon’s surface forever. 

Spots are available for anyone wishing to send their DNA ($99), the DNA of a special pet ($99), or a loved one’s ashes ($399). There is also an option to send your name and story for free. Customers receive a mission kit with a commemorative patch and ticket, along with the DNA collection swab. Passengers join a live community watch party for the rocket launch and moon landing. 

Kits can be ordered on LifeShip’s website at www.lifeship.com. Interested Olympic and Paralympic medalists should contact LifeShip directly at olympian@lifeship.com. 

About LifeShip

LifeShip is on a mission to preserve Earth’s genetic code and expand humanity to the stars. LifeShip’s founder, Ben Haldeman, and team have decades of combined experience in the space industry, and aim to make space accessible for all of humanity. LifeShip is committed to fully protecting customers’ privacy; individual genetic information is not shared, sold, or even read.

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