Rocket Explosions, Lunar Libraries, and Woolly Mammoths—Oh, My!

Rocket Explosions, Lunar Libraries, and Woolly Mammoths—Oh, My!

It is an exciting time for space! The Inspiration4 mission just landed after three days in orbit. It was the first all-civilian mission to space. Space exploration is becoming accessible to more people than ever before. At LifeShip, we care about opening space to everyone.

Rocket Explosion!

Rocket Explosion

Video Credit: Firefly Aerospace

A Firefly rocket exploded that was carrying the first LifeShip capsule. It was on the first launch of Firefly’s Alpha rocket. The failure was blamed on a premature engine shutdown.

Most new rocket companies take two to three launches to get to space. So, this was a high-risk launch. Fortunately, your LifeShip mission is not impacted by this explosion. The LifeShip capsule that was on this rocket contained the DNA of 500 species of plants, animals, and fungi. No human DNA, pet DNA, or ashes were on this launch.

Rockets do blow up and landers do crash. Space is hard and risky. Don’t worry, if you blow up on a rocket then we’ll fly you again for free. We guarantee your DNA will get to the Moon!

Preparing for Launch

LifeShip's inaugural trip to the Moon with Arch Mission’s Lunar Library II, flying on a ULA Vulcan rocket with Astrobotic Peregrine lander, is scheduled for the first half of 2022. The LifeShip capsule is already with Astrobotic, where it is getting integrated into the Peregrine lander!

Learn more about LifeShip's partners as we prepare for launch:

Reviving the Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

Photo Credit: SciTechDaily

A new company has a mission to bring back the Woolly Mammoth from extinction! U.S. startup Colossal plans to use CRISPR gene editing technology to modify Asian elephant DNA. Repopulating the Northern Tundra in Siberia with the large mammal would provide many benefits to the ecosystem. Incredibly, technology exists today to bring extinct species back to life. 

At LifeShip, we believe in preserving a record of Earth as it is today for future civilizations. Thanks for joining this mission for humanity.

New LifeShip Gear

We now have out-of-this-world LifeShip gear available on our website. Check out our mission patches and t-shirts.

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