Christmas Eve launch for LifeShip's first lunar mission

Christmas Eve launch for LifeShip's first lunar mission
LifeShip's first Moon mission launches soon  December 24th at 1:49 AM EST (Dec. 23rd at 10:49 PM PST). Sign up for email updates to get an invite as we get closer to join the live stream community launch party.
The launch has an instantaneous launch window - meaning the launch must occur at this exact time or will be delayed to a backup window at a similar time on Dec. 25 or Dec. 26. We launch from Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complex 41 (LC-41) in Florida. Read more
We fly on the first launch of ULA's Vulcan rocket. 

ULA Vulcan rocket almost ready for first launch (Credit ULA)


Save the date for the Moon landing
Our lunar landing on Astrobotic's Peregrine lander is tentatively planned for January 25, 2024. We'll know more on timing once we get to space.

Astrobotic's Peregrine lander (Credit: Astrobotic)

We are part of the Lunar Library II
The Lunar Library II, assembled by our partners at Arch Mission Foundation, is a civilization backup designed to last a billion years on the Moon. It contains over 60M pages, including content from Wikipedia, the Internet Archive, and the Long Now Foundation's Rosetta Project and PanLex datasets, which provide a linguistic key to 5000 languages. The Lunar Library II includes collections of art, music, and film. The library consists of tens of thousands of pages of text and images stored as analog NanoFiche images on thin sheets of nickel that can be read via a 100x magnification optical microscope. Arch Mission is dedicated to preserving humanity's heritage for future generations and civilizations to discover. 

LifeShip included DNA from over 500 species and 1000 humans, as well as names, photos, and stories written into synthetic DNA.

Arch Mission's Lunar Library II with analog and digital layers (Credit: Arch Mission)

Become an Astronaut
Last chance to get on the waitlist for the Ticket to Space sweepstakes with our partners at MoonDAO to fly to space and become an official astronaut. Over four hundred of our LifeShip crew have signed up already, which is a significant percent of total entries. The waitlist closes any day now. Then the sweepstakes will happen. LifeShip already has a few astronauts in our community and we hope to celebrate YOU going to space next. 

Holiday Discount and Last Chance to get on the 2024 Moon mission
Still need a super memorable holiday gift? Get LifeShip's best deal ever: Buy One Get One free. This is the last chance to get on our 2024 mission with Firefly Blue Ghost lunar lander. All samples need to be back by Jan 31, 2024.

Shop Now: Buy One, Get One Free - Last Boarding Call!
Use code: BESTGIFT23

Thank you for being an early pioneer with LifeShip
LifeShip is a space movement for everyone. Together we are on a mission to connect humanity with the cosmos, preserve Earth, and take humanity to the stars. We are inspired by a future where humanity lives in harmony on Earth while reaching for the stars. We dream of a collective legacy for our species of rippling life across the galaxy. We care about bringing out the best of humanity as we migrate outwards from our home planet. We're building a movement where everyone can be part of an inspiring future among the stars. Thank you for being here and going there with LifeShip!

Let's get to the Moon!

Ad Astra ⭐


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