Founder Update: LifeShip's Demo Capsule on the Launch Pad

Founder Update: LifeShip's Demo Capsule on the Launch Pad

LifeShip founder Ben here with news about our first capsule on a rocket launching this week! It’s a demo capsule with the DNA of 450 species of plants, animals, and fungi. No humans are on board this one. It is on the pad on Firefly’s Alpha rocket, launching from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The launch window opens on September 2 and it will blast off for Low Earth Orbit (LEO). This is the very first launch for the Alpha rocket. We're keeping in mind that space is challenging and it could blow up. Many new rocket companies plan to learn and iterate over a few launches to actually get to space.

Firefly Alpha rocket launch mission patch

Firefly’s mission patch for their first launch of Alpha. (Credit: Firefly)

How to Follow the Launch

Because the exact date of the rocket launch can shift, you'll want to follow LifeShip's social media channels for updates:

More details about the mission are available HERE. The launch will be live streamed by our friend Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut himself, on his YouTube channel.

Our Approach and Mission

I come from an agile aerospace approach to space and have worked on a few hundred satellites that have gone to space. This is the approach we are taking at LifeShip.

Our first capsule is a test to preserve DNA and develop our systems to deliver it to the rocket. We've already learned things from this first mission and will continue to improve the capsule design in preparation for your flight to the Moon.

Getting a first capsule to the launch pad is great preparation towards the Moon missions coming soon!

At LifeShip, our mission is to preserve a genetic copy of Earth for future generations. We care about saving the blueprint of the incredible biodiversity of our home planet for the distant future.

Saving a record of life on another planetary body adds resiliency to the existence of life in the Universe. It’s a small step towards our big vision to send Earth’s DNA to the stars.

We’re excited for Firefly’s first rocket launch. Delivering the demo capsule to the rocket was an important step in building towards your launch to the Moon!

Thanks for joining our mission and contributing your unique self to the record of humanity. You belong out there with the stars.

Ad astra!


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