LifeShip Community Update | September '23

LifeShip Community Update | September '23

Space is getting exponentially exciting. There is so much happening in space exploration and you are part of it with LifeShip. Thanks for being part of our community-powered movement to back up Earth and populate the stars. We're making lots of progress and the next rocket launches are getting closer.

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Mission 1 Progress

Mission 1 is a ULA Vulcan rocket, Astrobotic Peregrine lander, and LifeShip is part of the Arch Mission Lunar Library II payload.

This will be the first flight of the ULA Vulcan rocket and it is planned for launch by the end of 2023. ULA has reworked the 2nd stage after testing revealed a failure mode. The launch is coming soon though no official date has been announced. It will likely be November or December for launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Further reading on Mission 1:

ULA Vulcan planning for launch in late 2023 (Credit: ULA)

Mission 2 Progress

Mission 2 is planned for the 2nd half of 2024. It launches on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and lands with Firefly Aerospace's Blue Ghost lunar lander.

Firefly is progressing on the lander and integrating payloads from NASA and others. Firefly successfully launched a rocket to orbit recently; becoming one of only a few companies to successfully launch to orbit. This is a great milestone and technical accomplishment for the Firefly team. Our mission uses a SpaceX rocket, as the Firefly Alpha rocket is not big enough for the Moon mission.

Firefly successfully launched to orbit (Credit: Firefly)

We're still boarding for Mission 2. There is still time to get your friends and family onboard.


Other Big Things Happening in Space

  • India landed a spacecraft near the Moon’s south pole and became only the fourth country to soft-land on the Moon. Congrats India!
  • Japan launched a moon lander recently that aims to touch down on the lunar surface in early 2024, with hopes of being the fifth country to land on the Moon.
  • Russia launched a Moon mission, Luna-25, but it crashed into the Moon.
  • Still no private company has successfully landed on the Moon. Astrobotic has a good chance at being the first. Two have tried and both crashed.
  • SpaceX's giant Starship rocket (the biggest rocket ever built) will have a 2nd launch soon. We’re betting this one will get to orbit and go on to carry people to the Moon and Mars.

These are major milestones in humanity’s story and in the story of the Universe. We are just beginning to venture outwards from our home planet. Humanity is in the early stages of becoming multiplanetary. How many other species have made the leap?

Still Boarding

We're still boarding for Mission 2 and people can join through the end of 2023. Tell your friends and family so they don't miss the rocket. You can add DNA, photos, send your pet's DNA, include a loved one's ashes, or get a LifeShip shirt.


To the Stars!

Thank you for being part of the LifeShip community and joining our galactic mission. We’re charting a democratized movement to populate the stars and starting with missions that preserve our home planet, Earth.

Earth, Moon, and Mars art seen at Burning Man (Credit: Ben Haldeman)

We believe that humanity will become a galactic species. Humanity has a wild story and is under unprecedented challenges here on Earth. Together, we have the opportunity to come into right relationship with our Earth, with each other, and to continue life beyond.

The values we carry forward beyond Earth matter. This is a human movement to bring out the best of humanity as we explore outward. At LifeShip, we dream an exciting and beautiful future for our species. Humanity is part of nature and our mission is a natural one. We believe that our Earth wants to reproduce and has grown humanity with part of our purpose being to spread life in the Universe. This is a space movement for humanity.

This is a space movement for life from Earth. This is your space movement. Thanks for being a part of it.


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