Human Moon Kit
Human Moon Kit
Human Moon Kit
Human Moon Kit
Human Moon Kit
Human Moon Kit
Human Moon Kit
Human Moon Kit
Human Moon Kit
Human Moon Kit
Human Moon Kit
Human Moon Kit

Human Moon Kit

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Now you can go to the Moon 🌙

Go cosmic with LifeShip

Your DNA is your source code. Preserving it is a form of immortality. Humanity needs to move to the stars or we will go extinct like the dinosaurs. Exploration is in your genes. Now it is your turn to carry the torch for humanity in an outward migration. Send your DNA to the Moon with LifeShip's Moon Kit. 

Here’s What You Get 🌟

  • One Moon Kit with saliva collection device
  • Free shipping & sample return
  • VIP updates for the mission
  • Livestream video for the launch and landing
  • Your real DNA gets sent to the Moon
  • Part of your purchase goes to help preserve biodiversity 

By contributing your genetic code, you play a role in ensuring humanity lives on in the cosmos for the far future. 

How it Works 🚀

Your actual DNA and cells get preserved in Artificial Amber within an Ark. It's the size of a golden record and contains a knowledge archive and bio-library of Earth.

A first Ark is already on the Moon! It launched in 2019

Your launch is planned for summer 2021. The lander is shared with several NASA missions. It blasts off on a ULA rocket. You'll follow the trajectory to the Moon and see the landing.

You'll get to look up at the Moon and spot the area where you are.

Why get on the LifeShip 🌍

You will:

  • Forever look to the Moon with a new sense of wonder.
  • Get immortality. Your source code gets preserved in a record of Earth.
  • Carry your ancestor’s genes on the next great migration.
  • Do good for Earth and humanity by saving your code in a backup copy.
  • Leave a legacy and be remembered for the far future.

It's a cosmic mission to celebrate your life and all life.

Privacy 🛡️

We care about your privacy.  We won't sell or share your DNA. We won't read your genome or even know your ACTGs. Your real cells just get banked for the future and stored in the Ark without your name connected to your sample. For more, check out our Privacy Policy.

The LifeShip Guarantee 💛

You get a full 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re unhappy, we’ll issue a 100% refund — no questions asked. Just email us and we'll take care of it.

We guarantee your DNA will get to the Moon. Sometimes rockets blow up and landers crash. If it doesn't make it, then you go again on a next mission for FREE.

Board the LifeShip 

Save your source code for the future. Step out into the cosmos. Live forever with the stars. LifeShip yourself to the future. Order your Moon Kit today. 

Your journey has only just begun.