Why LifeShip

a mission of hope for all life


We need missions of hope to remind us of our connection to each other, to our Earth, to all life, and to the universe. LifeShip celebrates each being's purpose in the cosmos.


We are rapidly losing species. LifeShip exists to help Earth's biodiversity now and save the blueprint for our incredible planet till the end of time.


Life on a single planet is fragile. Humanity has the opportunity to continue the fundamental existence of life in the universe. Helping Earth reproduce may even be humanity's purpose.

Record Earth's CODE

The Tree of Life

OfF-Earth Backup

Seed Banks

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault inspires us. It contains more than 5000 species of plants. LifeShip is a miniature Seed Bank for our biosphere. It's the first off-Earth backup. A mission to save biodiversity for future generations.

Save our blueprint

Time Capsules


The Overview Effect

Astronauts report a profound shift in consciousness when seeing our fragile pale blue dot from space. By saving a copy of Earth's biodiversity on the moon — it can be a reminder of our interconnection with all life. We inspire long term thinking and care for biodiversity.


Moon Connection

Beyond Earth

Spread life

Our Earth is an intelligent organism. We believe she wants to reproduce. We have an opportunity to help life leave the cradle and expand outwards. We believe in taking conscious steps towards spreading life to the stars.


Choose your mission

Your DNA in orbit

Orbit Earth for several years then become a shooting star.

Send me to orbit

Your DNA on the Moon

Go to the Moon in a long term backup of Earth.

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