DNA on Moon
DNA on Moon
DNA on Moon
DNA on Moon
DNA on Moon
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DNA on Moon

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Launch your DNA to space and the Moon. Be one of the first humans to travel in the space-time capsule. Save your genetic code for the future and live forever among the stars. Go as a family for a forever memorable experience. Your spaceship is now boarding!

🧬   Simple saliva collection card
🌕   Your real DNA goes to the Moon
🚀   Live watch party for rocket blast off
📜   Personal digital mission certificate
📦   Free shipping both ways
🎖️   100% money back guarantee
🌟   Moon delivery guarantee!


Be one of the first 10,000 humans. Don't miss your spaceship!

"I look at the full moon tonight with more wonder thanks to you." - Nadja


How does my DNA get to the Moon?

Your DNA gets preserved in a capsule and launched on a rocket. The capsule, made by our partners at Arch Mission, shares a commercial lunar lander along with other payloads and NASA missions. The rocket launches into orbit and then does a few laps around the Earth to gain altitude before slinging the lander into a lunar capture orbit. Once the lander lands on the Moon, it stays there forever. Holding the capsule and you on the Moon forever. 

The next mission launches on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The first mission launches on a ULA Vulcan rocket out of Cape Canaveral, Florida. The lunar lander is the Astrobotic Peregrine lander made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

When does my DNA need to be back by?

LifeShip has a series of missions planned over the next few years. Samples returned by May 2021 are planned for a launch scheduled for 2021.

What else will my DNA get used for?

We won’t sequence your DNA, sell your DNA, share your DNA, or otherwise use your DNA. It’s safe. We take your privacy seriously. 

What about contaminating space bodies? Is this legal?

We care deeply about protecting space! Your DNA is an inert molecule and we store it in a sterilized capsule following standard space protocols. This mission is legal according to international space agreements. NASA recently updated Planetary Protection policies and cleared biological missions to anywhere on the Moon except the permanently shadowed icy regions.

How long will my DNA last? What about radiation?

The capsule has radiation shielding and contains thousands of copies of your DNA. It will degrade over time but even fragments can be pieced back together. Scientists have decoded Woolly Mammoth and Neanderthal DNA by reassembling tiny fragments using existing technology. We estimate it'll be recoverable for about 10,000 years. It may not be eternity, but it's a start.

How does my DNA get stored?

Your DNA gets extracted from your cells. It gets added along with DNA from other species and humans and gets preserved in a synthetic amber polymer. All DNA is stored together for miniaturization. Scientists can isolate and decode DNA from combined samples using existing technology.

How do I know it happened? What do I get to see?

You’ll get email updates showing the steps of the mission — from how the DNA is processed, to the final landing. You'll receive explorer updates and videos about the mission throughout the whole journey. You’ll see how the DNA gets processed and how it is stored. And the best part? You will get a VIP invite to watch the rocket launch and landing on a live stream. 🚀

What if the rocket blows up?

Space is hard and sadly, rockets do explode. If you don’t make it to the Moon on your scheduled mission, we promise you’ll go again on our next launch for free.

What could my DNA be used for?

None of us will know. This capsule is designed for the far future. Perhaps it will be found by a future civilization and used recreate Earth as it is today. Our descendants could carry your code to the stars to seed a new world. We just won’t know. However, we believe it is worth saving our genetic blueprints for the future.

Why go on the LifeShip?

You get to go on a space mission and send a piece of you where few have been. You save your family’s genes for the future and leave a forever legacy among the stars. You'll look at the Moon for the rest of your life with a new sense of wonder. Your loved ones get a connection to you through the Moon.

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Waiting for take off!

The kit was extremely easy to use..just lick the circle. My journey won't be until the fall but so ready to send my DNA to the moon!

barbara k.
United States United States
Very easy

It was very easy to provide the DNA sample.

Aaron J.
United States United States
Fun! Let's do this!!

Like licking a postage stamp and now getting mailed to the moon. It was that easy to be apart of something cool, different, next level. How will it feel to look up at the moon, after the lander is at home up there, and realize I'm there too? This is an amazing opportunity. How this plays out for the future of humanity and life on earth - we will likely never know - but it's great to dream, take a chance, and be a part of something really unique.

James C.
United States United States
The coolest way to set my intentions!!

I loved the experience of setting my intentions about the mark I want to make on this planet. Every time I look up at the moon I will think about the intentions I’ve set for myself and the path I need to take to get there. Thank you Lifeship for reminding me about squeezing the most out of this one wild and precious life!

Katherine F.
United States United States
DNA Sample Kit

It was very easy to understand and to do the process very excited about the mission. Sincerely Mr Gregory A Stoner

Gregory S.
United States United States
My Hope Is That This Project Is Successful

Everything is easy. I might add that it would be very neat to include a customers DNA, in amber, for them to keep as charm or necklace. I hope this project is successful, because I'd love to think that some 3,000 years in the future travelers find the probe, and harvest the DNA to see what we were like. Thank you, and please keep the updates coming.

Robert D.
United States United States
Great idea, excited to be part of this - more feedback please.

Hi, This was a Valentine's Day gift for my wife (after all I can't imagine spending eternity with anyone else - and who knows about the Alien ability for conversation right?). I would however like more feedback - did my envelope arrive on time, where is it? etc., status updates would be helpful.

United States United States

Hi Mark! I see you checked in your kit was received. You should have received an email confirmation with more details on the next steps. Perhaps check your spam or promotions folder in case it got filtered. Let us know if you can't find it and we'll send you another. Thanks!


This is an amazing offer, I get a chance to do something different and unique. I am glad I am apart of something bigger

Clinton R.
United States United States
Just treading water here

Everything is in and now just waiting for each step and to be notified so I can follow along.

Susan Z.
United States United States
I live in melbourne fl seen John Glenn go into space,Time for me.

Very simple to use

charley r.
United States United States
Birthday present

great experience, looking forward to the launch. Got this for my wife's birthday, she thought it was way cool.

United States United States
A Great Experience!

Very easy and it was great to complete this.

Ronald S.
United States United States
Interesting idea

Definitely A unique experience. Looking forward to following the entire process!

Thomas R.
United States United States
A Fun Way to Leave a Mark on the Moon!

The title speaks for itself! I ordered a LifeShip kit, and within 3 days I received it in the mail. I submitted my DNA [by licking a small (and clean) paper card] and mailed it at the post office that same day. A few days later, LifeShip emailed me a confirmation that it received it! I look forward to watching the launch of Astrobotic's Peregrine lander--the spacecraft that LifeShip will be on--later this year! Knock on wood that the landing will be successful, and I can gaze up at the Moon for the rest of my life knowing that a part of me is up there! Ad Lunam.

Richard P.
United States United States
DNA to the Moon

It was easy because I have already had my DNA tested and analyzed and it was exciting because I knew it would be traveling to the moon and a piece of me would be there forever!

Mary J.
United States United States
Can’t wait to go

Looking forward to the success of the mission later this year

David E.
United States United States
Simple review

I enjoyed using the product. The directions was easy and to the point.

Terrance B.
United States United States

How can I check that my DNA ACTUALLY goes to the moon? And how are they all to be left?

Margaret W.
United States United States

Hi Margaret. You'll get updates every couple months before the launch with updates of how it is processed and added to the rocket. You'll then get to watch the rocket launch and lunar landing. The DNA all goes inside a capsule that stays on the lander on the surface of the Moon. Thanks for joining!

A Lasting Legacy

Having My D.N.A. preserved in artificial amber and sent to the moon will be a lasting and significantly historical legacy for Me just as it would be for everyone else who will be having there D.N.A. preserved in artificial amber and sent to the moon.

Stephen L.
United States United States
To the moon

I always like to do everything at least once

david p.
United States United States