Our Earth is a system
Our Earth has a natural intelligence that combines the evolutionary potential of every plant, animal, and fungi found on this planet. The Earth has done everything a living system does except reproduce.
Life is rare in the universe
There may be an abundance of life out there or we may be the only one. All of life's eggs may be in one basket here on Earth. It makes sense to save copies of life off Earth to preserve our genetic code.
We live in a mass extinction
Mass extinctions occur regularly on Earth. The dinosaurs came and went and we currently lose 150-200 species every single day. Genetic seed banks are a valuable and sensible way to preserve copies of life for the future.
Humanity as stewards for life's expansion
Part of humanity’s role on Earth may be to help continue the cycle of life by sending it outwards. Whether it’s our evolutionary purpose or an altruistic goal—we believe in including all peoples and species in our space migration.

Why Spread Life?

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